Making it Through Menopause

Don’t Let These Age-Related Eye Diseases Rob You Of Your Sight

You should be enjoying life as you move into your senior years. Many seniors needlessly struggle with slowing degrading eyesight. Modern surgical techniques can correct the top two eye conditions experienced by seniors. Don't let failing sight spoil your retirement. Learn about these eye diseases and how you can get your healthy eyesight back. Cataracts The lens of your eye works like the lens in a camera to focus light and create a clear image. Read More 

Treating Your Chronic Sinusitis: Know Your Options

The occasional sinus infection is cause enough for frustration, but when you suffer from chronic sinusitis, it is a whole level of suffering. Perpetual pressure, headaches, and constriction of the nasal passages are just a few of the symptoms that sufferers of chronic sinusitis experience on a daily basis. Luckily, as medical technologies advance, new treatments become available to help combat chronic sinusitis. So, if you are among these unfortunate patients dealing with chronic sinusitis, learn the treatment options available to you, and get down to the business of fighting off your sinus problems once and for all: Read More