Braces Are No Longer Something For Kids To Hide

When kids resist wearing braces, one way to make it more appealing is to let them choose braces that add to their unique personalities and styles. Kids no longer have to feel awkward wearing metallic braces. What better way to make them feel special than to personalize the look they wear?

Changes to standard metal braces that your child's orthodontist may offer include:

  • Novelty brackets in different shapes. With brackets in the shape of hearts, stars, footballs, soccer balls, flowers, or other fun shapes, kids are often eager to show off their braces. Your child may even want to mix and match different shapes.

    Orthodontic treatment is the same. Fashion brackets attach to the teeth and work the same as traditional stainless steel braces. The only difference is the orthodontist may only place specialty brackets on the six upper front teeth in the center since these are the teeth other people see most when your child smiles.

    Metal specialty brackets usually cost more than regular stainless steel brackets. But the cost varies depending on how many teeth the orthodontist places novelty brackets on.

    If you're worried about added expenses, orthodontists don't always charge more for their services when putting on specialty brackets unless a child's case is more complex. Whether a general dentist will charge less for the same orthodontic treatment also depends on how involved your child's treatment will be. 

    If you have dental insurance that includes coverage for braces, generally, the same restrictions and maximum amount a plan will pay apply to specialty brackets. Policies that pay a certain percentage of the cost for orthodontic treatment provide that coverage no matter what type of braces your child gets.

  • Elastic bands in bright and fluorescent colors. When kids get to pick the color, it gives them some control of a situation they might not be keen on at first. They don't even have to go with one color. Kids have the option of mixing the colors of the elastic bands if they want.

    The colors they choose aren't permanent either. Your child can get different colors of bands with each orthodontic appointment. That means making a fashion change every few weeks.

    Once the orthodontist puts on your child's braces, followup appointments are usually scheduled every 4 to 8 weeks. That's quite a few fashion statements to make during the time your child wears braces.

    Normally, orthodontists don't charge extra if your child chooses colored elastic bands. Your orthodontist, like those at Oasis Orthodontics, will be able to help your child adjust to braces.