Making it Through Menopause

Everything You Need To Know About A Bundle Branch Block

If you or someone you love has had heart problems, then chances are you have come across the term bundle branch block. After hearing this scary medical condition, it is normal to want to know more about what it is and if it can be fixed. What is a Bundle Branch Block? Your heart consists of bundles of cells that work as a highway for electrical signals to be sent to your heart to keep it beating. Read More 

Helping Your Elderly Parent Recover From Knee Replacement Surgery: What You Should Know

As your parents begin to age, their medical care and any surgeries they may go through take a bigger toll on their bodies. As such, any surgery they go through and any medical care they may need will require you to step in and give them a hand. When it comes to joint replacement surgeries like a knee replacement, the recovery can be extensive when your parent is elderly and already has mobility issues. Read More 

3 Things You Need To Do To Keep Yourself And Others Safe From Food Allergies

Allergies can be very dangerous and they can manifest themselves in many different ways. Most people know allergies by anaphylaxes, which is a very severe and intense allergic reaction that happens almost immediately. However, not all allergies will present themselves in this way. Instead, some reactions will be milder and delayed but over time can create problems. This is why it is important that you know some things about allergies so you can protect yourself and your family. Read More 

Medical Move to Treat Chronic Pain as a Disease Bodes Well for Chronic Pain Sufferers

Chronic pain can continue for months and in some cases for years, and this condition has baffled physicians when patients suffer severe pain that is not identifiable. For a long time, treatment for this condition was unknown, but in the past decade medical experts have said that chronic pain is a disease and must be recognized as such. Research is being conducted to find treatments that will heal your chronic pain experience. Read More 

5 Helpful Tips to Survive Eating with Braces

Everybody loves a gorgeous smile! This is why, according to Humana, over four million people in the United States wear braces. Not only can these modern dental miracles straighten and perfect a flawless smile, but they also offer a sizable range of health benefits. In the meantime, though, how can you survive eating with bulky, restrictive braces? Tip #1: Be a Picky Eater Mama said it's not good to be picky, but when you're wearing braces, it's essential. Read More