3 Important Facts That You Should Know About Cremation

If you are making plans for your final arrangements, it is a good idea to consider the benefits and ease of cremation. For instance, only about half of the deceased people are being buried, with the remaining being cremated. There are several reasons for that big jump, given that in 1999, approximately one out of four people were being cremated. As a result, it is a good idea to consider the motivating factors for others to choose cremation, while you are making your own decision.

#1-Cremation Is More Affordable Than A Burial (And Perpetual Care)

The average cost of an adult funeral with burial and viewing in the United States in 2014 was $7,181 and the median cost of a similar adult funeral for a cremated individual with a viewing was $6,078. When planning for a burial, you may also have to factor in the cost of perpetual care, and the price of that service varies so much across the United States that it is impossible to accurately determine its average cost.

Many people have chosen cremation simply because of the difference in costs. If you want to leave as much of your estate as possible to your heirs and you do not want to pre-pay or commit your inheritors to continually paying for the costs associated with maintaining your plot, cremation is a responsible choice.

#2-Cremation Is Environmentally Responsible

Another factor for modern cremation relates to the technology for cremation, as it has continued to improve in recent years. As a result, many of its less eco-friendly results have been minimized or eliminated. For instance, radioactive isotopes that were used for cancer treatments can now be safely removed from the body prior to cremation. In addition, metals that were present in the body prior to death can be similarly removed and recycled. Neither of those are common with traditional burials.

When compared to the obvious environmental impact of placing dead bodies in boxes into the ground for perpetuity, it only makes sense that your personal carbon footprint can be lessened by choosing cremation. The actual cremation policy can also be made more environmentally responsible by crematorium operators choosing to avoid the use of plastic or rubber items with the body being cremated, both of which are known to release toxins when being melted. 

#3-Cremation Provides A More Portable Benefit

Today, the world and its workers are much more portable than they were just a few generations ago and therefore, many people are no longer comfortable with standard burials. Specifically, being buried in a local cemetery or a family plot does not guarantee that loved ones will be able to conveniently pay respects in the future.

However, your ashes can be divided and shared by your loved ones. If you prefer, your ashes can be distributed to an appropriate location, shared by your loved ones or a combination of both.

For more information about cremation, contact a funeral home in your area.