3 Ways A Cosmetic Dentist Might Protect Your Oral Health

A cosmetic dentist typically repairs or restores a person's smile so that they look their best, but he or she can actually protect your overall oral health as well. There are some cosmetic procedures that are done not just for appearances but to keep the inside of the mouth safe and prevent tooth decay and tooth loss. Consider three of those procedures here.

1. Replacing missing teeth

A missing tooth can increase the risk of bacteria buildup as germs and bacteria may lodge in the area of the gums where a tooth is missing; this can in turn lead to cavities and even tooth loss. Teeth also use each other for support so that when one is missing, other teeth in the surrounding area can start to become loose and the risk of losing those as well increases.

A cosmetic dentist can offer a temporary plate that is worn during the day or may recommend an actual tooth implant, which is a false tooth that screws into the gum line. This can protect your other teeth and your gums from bacteria buildup and from increased risk of becoming loose.

2. Repairing chipped or cracked teeth

A chipped or cracked tooth can also allow bacteria and germs to build up on the surface and in turn,can increase a person's risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Chipped teeth can also scrape the inside of the cheek or the gum line, which can also lead to bacteria buildup and infections inside the mouth. In both cases, if left untreated, a person can actually lose teeth.

Repairing a chipped or cracked tooth is not difficult for most cosmetic dentists, as they can use a certain type of filler or bonding agent right over the tooth, building it up to make the tooth look whole again. This protects the tooth surface and the inside of the mouth from scrapes and bacteria buildup.

3. Fixing an overbite

An overbite isn't just unattractive; it allows the lower teeth to rest against the roof of the mouth as it pulls the jaw out of alignment. This can cause erosion of the teeth and cuts or scraping along the mouth's roof, which in turn can lead to oral infections. A dentist, such as Michael C. Cordora DDS, PLLC, can add braces to the teeth, fit the teeth with a mouth guard that gently nudges the jaw back into place, or offer other solutions for an overbite. This in turn will protect the soft tissue of the mouth and keep it healthy.