Understanding Your Local Functional Medicine Clinic

With the advancements in medicine recently, many people fear overmedication. Luckily, there are medical centers that focus on natural treatment methods and complete wellness, known as functional medical centers. Functional medical centers aim to treat minor conditions naturally and prevent health problems before they happen. 

Your local functional medicine clinic operates similarly to a traditional medical center. They treat problems related to diet, exercise, stress, sleep problems, and chronic pain using a wide range of treatments, mostly derived from Eastern techniques, including:

  • Acupuncture
  • Naturopathy
  • Chiropracty
  • Tai chi 
  • Yoga
  • Reiki

You and your medical professional will work together to establish your health goals and create a treatment plan specifically designed for you. Treatment plans will require work on your part. You will also need to be more mindful of your diet and exercise. While you may receive traditional medication from a functional medicine clinic, they tend to use natural supplements and organic methods first. 

Benefits of a Functional Medical Center

There are a number of reasons people prefer to visit a functional medicine clinic instead of a traditional doctor.

Functional medicine emphasizes complete wellness. Treatments work together to create the best results. 

Most importantly, treatments have long-term effects compared to medications that lose effectiveness after the patients stop taking the medication. Changing your diet can eliminate health problems, such as chronic pain and insomnia. Furthermore, many treatments, such as yoga, promote mindfulness and connection between you and your body, changing your entire attitude toward health.

Without unnecessary medication, the patient also has a lower risk of developing a reliance or substance abuse problem. There are also very few side effects associated with functional medicine.

Doctors who practice functional medicine often contain medical degrees. Furthermore, studies indicate that functional medicine is not only effective but potentially more effective than traditional medical treatments. 

Considerations About Functional Medicine

While there are a lot of benefits to functional medicine, there are some limitations and considerations. 

Functional medicine treatments should not take the place of traditional medicine for serious medical conditions. For example, you shouldn't stop taking insulin for your diabetes. Instead, functional medicine will work in conjunction with traditional medication. 

Furthermore, functional medicine treatments require time, patience, and effort. You need to dedicate yourself to your health for the best results. 

It all starts somewhere. When you are ready to prioritize your health using functional medicine, contact a local functional medicine center to schedule an appointment.