Be Aware Of Possible Allergy Issues This Fall

The arrival of fall brings with it leaves falling to the ground, football on the TV, and maybe some pumpkin and apple cider in the fridge if you're lucky. But fall can also bring unique circumstances that cause your allergies to act up. If you have especially sensitive skin, you should be cautious as you proceed through the autumn season. Here are some common causes of autumn allergy issues and what you can do about them.

Be on the Lookout for Mold and Mildew

Fall usually brings the return of cooler temperatures, and wetter air can lead to the creation of mold and mildew. Your home hopefully will be safe, but you should be wary when walking through damp leaves or grass. Damp outdoor areas like this can have mold spores hidden within the leaves or weeds, and they will linger for a while, as some types of mildew and mold can be immune to the cold. If you know you have sensitive skin, avoid rolling around in the leaves or wet grass while playing outside with your family or friends. In other words, stick to touch football, not the tackle variety.

Ragweed Season Is Upon Us

Pollen allergies are often linked to the springtime, but there are a number of types of pollen that become active in the fall, and ragweed is one of the most well-known ones. Keep your yard well maintained, and you should hopefully stay ragweed-free. Pay a landscaper or a neighborhood kid to do some weed pulling for you if you can't get near the stuff yourself. Be prepared to keep your windows shut if needed, and be wary of walking through the tall grass or weeds when going outside.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Fall also brings back to school season, and kids interacting with other kids can often lead to the spread of germs and allergens. If you are especially sensitive to something your kid might pick up at school, have them change their clothes or wash up when they get home before you get too close to them. That said, also make sure that your kids are not suffering from any allergies, and let them know to come to you as soon as they notice something is a miss.

If you suddenly break out and develop a rash or another problem on your skin, you might need an allergy skin test. Reach out to a local professional today for more information.