Three Conditions That May Be Alleviated by a Chiropractor

Once you have been to a traditional doctor for pain relief from a particular health issue, you were likely given course of treatment. If this treatment has not been effective, it is likely you are looking into alternative therapies. The following are three situations you may be experiencing that chiropractic therapy may help you with.

You have back or neck pain

Whether you have recurring back or neck pain from a work accident, car accident, or a surgery, a chiropractor can often bring relief from this type of pain. A standard treatment will start with x-rays to look at your spine, and then a chiropractor will use one or more techniques to bring your spine or neck back into alignment. This is done quickly and without discomfort; however, you will feel the benefits by experiencing less back or neck pain in a short time.

You have migraine headaches

Headaches, especially migraine headaches, can be difficult to diagnose. Unfortunately, for an individual suffering from them, the pain can be excruciating, and a person can become desperate for relief. Sometimes these headaches are due to tension and stress in the neck area. This is common among office workers, but, if you have had an injury to your neck, this can also be the cause of your headaches, even after the neck injury has healed. The good news is that a chiropractor has a reputation for helping people with migraine headaches. A chiropractor believes that headaches can be directly related to misalignment of the spine, and, by making an adjustment to the spine and applying pressure to the neck area, these headaches will go away.

A dependence on pain medication

Outside of surgery, one of the main treatments for back pain are pain killers. However, these can become addictive. There can even be long-term health issues with using over-the-counter pain medications. Chiropractors have a long history of helping people experience less pain by correcting alignment problems of the spine. It is possible that you may be able to reduce pain to the point where you can reduce the amount of pain medication you are currently taking, or perhaps avoid taking prescription painkillers from the start.

The benefits and efficacy of chiropractic therapy have been time tested, and many people have benefited from this type of treatment. Many medical insurance companies will cover some or all of this type of treatment, so if you have any of the issues listed above, you should give this alternative treatment strong consideration.

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