Lasik Eye Surgery: What To Do Before And After The Surgery

If you suffer from impaired vision, Lasik treatment is an option that could offer you a wealth of benefits, including improved vision and the freedom of no longer relying on those irritating contact lenses or glasses. The procedure has become very popular in recent decades, mainly because it is very safe and offers long-lasting results.

However, the treatment does require a surgical procedure that you should be well prepared for. This article look at safety measures to take before and after Lasik surgery for a quick recovery and great results:

How to prepare for the surgery

Eye surgeons will usually perform an initial cornea evaluation prior to Lasik surgery so as to determine the shape of the cornea and come up with accurate measurements that help them figure out the corrective adjustments to be made for perfect vision.

Contact lenses, unfortunately, distort the shape of the cornea, and may result in inaccurate results that may affect the outcome of your surgery. As a precaution, you should refrain from using contact lenses for the period prior to your eye surgery and use old fashioned glasses instead.

Wearers of soft lenses should discontinue their use for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery, while those with hard lenses should stop using them for at least 4 weeks. This allows the cornea to regain its natural shape for the initial evaluation.

Debris around and in your eye lashes are a real health risk if you are to have eye surgery, as they can cause an infection after the Lasik treatment. Your eye surgeon will usually advise you to step up your eye hygiene in the days preceding the surgery, usually instructing you to wash your eyelashes with water so as to eliminate any residue. If you use makeup, facial creams or lotion, you should stop using them for at least a day before your surgery, as debris from these products could enter the eye and complicate the healing process.

After surgery

It is normal to experience hazy vision before your vision stabilizes, or for your eye to burn or itch. These symptoms usually subside within a day or so. Avoiding swimming and being near hot tubs is recommended for at least two months after surgery to prevent infections. Contact sports such as football and boxing can cause injury to the eye, and should thus be avoided for several weeks until the healing process is complete.

Postoperative visits to your doctor are critical during the first two days or so of Lasik surgery, and should continue for up to six months so your vision can be monitored and the eye checked for complications such as infections. Contact a professional such as Todd S. Kirk, MD with any more questions you have.