Ideas To Help Pay For Your Cosmetic Dental Work

Certain types of cosmetic dental procedures aren't usually covered by insurance. When they are, the insurance company may only pay a certain percentage of the cost. It might make you feel like you'll never be able to afford the work you need to have a beautiful smile. However, there's no reason to give up hope. There may be other ways to come up with the funds you need.

The first step is to get an evaluation and quote for treatment from your dentist:

Get A Quote

You need to know exactly where you stand. Find out what options you have for treatment, and what the cost is for each one. Once you have a realistic view of how much money you'll need to come up with, you can begin working on a financing plan if you don't have cash in the bank to spare.

Talk To Your Insurance Company

Find out if the dental work is considered cosmetic only, or if it qualifies as medically necessary. If the work is necessary to save your teeth or improve your oral health, your insurance will be more likely to pay. There are so many different types of insurance coverage, it is impossible to know if your insurance will pay for your treatment until you read the fine print in your policy.

If you don't understand your insurance policy, then talk to your insurance agent in person. You'll want to know if the procedure is covered, what percent the insurance company will pay, and how much deductible you'll have to meet before the coverage kicks in.

Ask Your Dentist About Medical Financing

If you have to come up with a lot of cash out of your own pocket, then ask your dentist about financing. The dental office should be able to refer you to a medical financing company that offers loans for cosmetic dentistry procedures. Of course, you'll have to qualify for the loan, so if you are already overextended on loans, or if you have bad credit, then financing may not be the best option for you.

Depending on your financial situation, you may also want to look into taking out a personal loan from your bank or finance company. You might even be able to use your credit cards if you can come up with a plan to pay them off quickly, so you aren't buried in interest.

Pay As You Go

While the total bill for your cosmetic work may seem daunting, you may not need to pay it all at once if your work will be done in stages. Your dentist may agree to let you pay as you go, and work on one tooth at a time rather than doing them all at once. This will allow you to save money and budget the dental work into your monthly bills without having to take out a loan.

If none of the payment and financing options work out for you, then all is not lost. Once you have a quote for the work you need, you can start saving money for the procedure, even if it takes you a year or more to save for it. It's worth doing whatever it takes to improve your smile, since a pretty smile gives you more confidence about your appearance.

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