ER Or Urgent Care: When To Save Money And Avoid The Hospital

If you are feeling under the weather or if you have an injury that you don't think is life-threatening but should be seen by a medical professional, an urgent care is the place to go. If you can't get in to see your physician, but want to be examined, the urgent care accepts patients that just walk in.

There are a many times when the urgent care will be able to treat your problems, so consider seeking attention at one if the following cases arise.

Rashes, Swelling or Markings

If you accidentally got into a poisonous plant or bitten by a bug in the woods, you think that you may have eaten something that is causing a rash, or if you a swelling area on your skin, this could be an allergic reaction or bacterial concern. The urgent care can take your vitals, and the medical expert can prescribe or give you the medication you need.

Common Illness

If you think that you may have an ear infection, strep throat, bronchitis, or other common illness that gets passed around, go to an urgent care to get an antibiotic. Don't let your child go with the symptoms of pink key without being seen. Even if the illness you're having is viral and can't be treated with an antibiotic, you may need a prescription medication that coats your throat to ease the pain, or a steroid to help open the airways.

Urinary Tract Infection

Any male or female having a burning sensation during urination can urinate in a cup, and have it tested on the spot at an urgent care. If it's after regular doctor's hours or on the weekend, you shouldn't have to wait until the next available appointment until you get treatment for this problem. The office may also able to check for possible sexually transmitted diseases while you are there.

The urgent care isn't just convenient because you can walk in at any time to be seen, without an appointment, but also because it's more affordable for an emergency room. Many urgent cares will offer a flat rate for treatment, so you don't have to worry if you don't have medical insurance, or if you don't want to meet your insurance provider's set deductible. If you are feeling ill and the condition doesn't need an imaging test, you haven't lost blood and you don't need overnight treatment, go to an urgent care like 24 Hour Urgent Care of the Desert to save time and money.