Preplanning Your Funeral: How To Breach The Topic With Family

For many people, the only thing more difficult than confronting their own mortality is confronting the mortality of a loved one. Consequently, it can be quite difficult to discuss the subject of pre-planning your own funeral service with the people closest to you. However, it is also incredibly important that you are able to share this information with them so that they will know what to do when the time comes. Thankfully, the tips below can help to make this conversation just a bit easier.

Choose A Funeral Related Moment

Death is an inevitable part of life. Consequently, we will all experience funeral related moments throughout our lifetime. In some cases, these moments will come as we attend the funeral of a loved one or acquaintance. Other times, these moments will be the result of fictional or impersonal events, such as a funeral scene on your favorite television show or the televised funeral service of a national icon. When these moments arise, you will be given the perfect opportunity to raise the topic of your own funeral service without sounding morbid in the process.

When sharing a funeral related moment with someone you love, take the opportunity to point out aspects of the funeral service that you liked or did not like. You can then make mention of similar features that you have included in your own funeral plans. From this point, natural human curiosity will likely take over and result in a variety of questions from your loved ones regarding your decision to plan your funeral in advance.

Since this approach allows your loved ones to play a primary role in the conversation, it will often result in far less discomfort for both you and your loved one when discussing such as sensitive subject.

Call A Family Meeting

Discussing your funeral plans may not be your family's idea of appropriate dinner conversation. Consequently, you will want to avoid bringing this conversation up during the important moments that you and your family spend together, such as holiday meals and other special occasions.

Requesting a family meeting will allow you to approach this important topic without the worry of disrupting one of the other important moments in your family life. Requesting a formal family meeting will also allow you to discuss this important topic will all of your loved ones at once rather than trying to have the conversation multiple times. As a result, not only will you be able avoid the hassle of multiple conversations, but you will also be able to avoid hurting any family members who may be offended by the fact that they were not first to know. Places like O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral & Cremation Services can also help you have this critical discussion with your loved ones.