Ceramic Braces May Be The Right Choice For You

Braces can help to straighten out your crooked and misaligned teeth. One big drawback that stops a lot of people from getting braces, especially adults, is that metal braces are so obvious. It can be hard to be in your 20s, 30s, or even older, and have to wear metal braces for everyone to see. There are other options. If you want to have straight teeth, you don't have to wear braces made out of metal. You can try wearing ceramic braces. 

What Are Ceramic Braces?

You may also hear them called invisible braces or clear braces. The brackets are made out of a special dental ceramic material. When the brackets were made, they were tinted so that they have the same color as your teeth. The wires that connect the brackets are also the same color as your teeth. That makes them nearly invisible against your teeth. 

What Are the Benefits of Ceramic Braces?

The biggest benefit is that it is very hard to tell that you are wearing them from a distance. A person would have to get up close to see that you have these braces on. You will still get the nice, straight teeth that you want, the process will just be less obvious. 

The brackets won't stain, so there won't be any color change to your braces. They will continue to be clear or invisible as long as you wear them. 

What Are the Drawbacks of Ceramic Braces?

There are a few drawbacks to wearing ceramic braces. One is that they tend to be more expensive than metal braces. Also, not all dentists offer this choice. 

Ceramic braces are also not quite as durable as metal braces are. Because of this, they aren't generally recommended for younger tweens and teens. Ideally, the ceramic option should only be offered to older teenagers and adults. That's because those people tend to be a little more careful. 

While the brackets themselves don't get discolored, the wire that holds everything together can get discolored. This is especially true if you eat or drink a lot of things that could discolor your teeth. That can include things like red wine, blueberries, cola, or coffee. However, the wires on your braces will generally get changed at every appointment. 

Ceramic braces won't work for all teeth. Your bite and misalignment may be one that ceramic braces just won't work for. An orthodontist, such as Reed Orthodontics, will be able to tell you if you are an ideal candidate or not. 

If you are an adult, you don't want people to know that you are wearing braces. The best way to make sure that no one knows is to wear braces that no one can easily see. Ceramic braces can be that choice.