Treating Your Chronic Sinusitis: Know Your Options

The occasional sinus infection is cause enough for frustration, but when you suffer from chronic sinusitis, it is a whole level of suffering. Perpetual pressure, headaches, and constriction of the nasal passages are just a few of the symptoms that sufferers of chronic sinusitis experience on a daily basis. Luckily, as medical technologies advance, new treatments become available to help combat chronic sinusitis.

So, if you are among these unfortunate patients dealing with chronic sinusitis, learn the treatment options available to you, and get down to the business of fighting off your sinus problems once and for all:

Immunotherapy (Allergy Treatments)

Many patients who suffer from chronic sinusitis do so because of severe allergies. If this is the case for you, then treatments of your chronic sinusitis may be somewhat indirect. Immunotherapy to reduce your adverse reactions to allergens may serve to eliminate your chronic condition. 

Immunotherapy is known colloquially as allergy shots. Your doctor will test you for allergens and then develop an immunotherapy serum to help you build up a tolerance to those allergens. By undergoing immunotherapy treatments, you slowly but surely eliminate the negative reactions in your body that contribute to nasal infections. 

Laser Treatments

One of the newest and most advanced techniques for treating chronic sinusitis is an endoscopic laser surgery approach. This revolutionary surgical technique uses a laser to essentially burn away nasal polyps (non-cancerous growths that can constrict or block nasal passages) and other infected tissues to both remove infection and open (widen) the nasal passages. 

The precision laser is used in conjunction with a saline (salt water) treatment to remove these tissues and clear out the sinuses of any sinusitis-causing bacteria and irritants in the nasal passages and sinus cavities. 

In comparison to traditional surgical techniques, the laser surgery approach reduces bleeding, as well as post-operative pain and a shorter recovery time. Most patients feel lasting relief of their chronic sinusitis symptoms following laser surgery. 

Home Remedies

In addition to these medical interventions, there are steps you can take at home to help remedy your chronic sinusitis. While these home treatments may not necessarily cure your chronic sinusitis, they will at least help temporarily relieve your symptoms.

To keep your nasal passages from becoming blocked or irritated, you should flush them out regularly. This is done by pouring a warm salt water solution into one nasal passage, and allowing it to flow out the other by tilting your head accordingly.

You can choose to make your own salt water solution or purchase a pre-made saline mixture in a store. This home remedy will wash away any allergens or other debris that may be irritating your nasal passages and that could cause infections. 

Additionally, you should limit the amount of caffeine and/or alcohol you consume. Caffeine dehydrates you, which can worsen your sinus infection symptoms such as throat irritation and cough, Alcohol, on the other hand, is actually known to cause sinuses and nasal passages to further constrict. When your nasal passages are already impeded, this can be very frustrating and painful.

Your chronic sinusitis, while frustrating, is entirely treatable. Through medical and home interventions, you can manage or eliminate your symptoms and get back to feeling normal once more.