Three “Extra” Types Of Care For Pregnant Women Of Advanced Maternal Age

If you are over the age of 35 and are pregnant, then you are considered to be of advanced maternal age. While this does come with some additional risks and concerns, as long as you work closely with your doctor, you should be able to have a healthy pregnancy and address any issues as they come. However, pregnancy can also be a bit harder on your body, in a physical sense, when you're in your mid to late 30s. Luckily, there are three "extra" types of care that can help you manage backaches, tiredness, and other symptoms so you can work towards a healthy labor and delivery.

Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy can be really hard on your back, especially when you're an older mom-to-be. The weight of the baby pulling your back forward can lead to back pain that makes it hard to sleep at night, and then the lack of sleep leaves you feeling irritable. A chiropractor can adjust your spine, realigning it periodically throughout your pregnancy. Not only will this give you greater comfort, but it will also allow the muscles in your core to stay stronger and better aligned, which may make your delivery easier on you.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is incredible for all of the tired muscles that tend to arise during pregnancy. A massage therapist can do a lot of work on your back and core, helping to keep the muscles in this area loose, limber, and prepared for labor. Your therapist can also work on your legs and arms, helping to move any fluids accumulating in your limbs move back into circulation. This is really helpful for older moms-to-be who suffer from a lot of swollen ankles. As an added bonus, massage therapy helps reduce stress levels, which can help keep your hormone levels in a healthy range.

Dietary Therapy

Do you suddenly feel like everything you eat makes you nauseous? Or maybe you have cravings for things you know you should not eat. Especially when you're an older mom-to-be, what you eat really does affect your pregnancy and the health of your baby, so it's important to be making good choices. Meeting with a dietitian every couple of weeks throughout your pregnancy can really help with this.

Many women are choosing to become pregnant later in life. This can be a beautiful thing, and a healthy pregnancy is certainly possible with the right help and care. Contact a doctor to learn more about receiving pregnancy care.